And then life…

Sometimes life happens.

I’m not very good at accepting this.

I am, by nature, a planner.

I’m very skilled at coaxing (or coercing) my life to fit into my next set of top priorities.

One of the central tenets of my strategy for post-Vine Ben was to post a reflection on the Vine, once or twice a week, regular as clockwork.

This worked for a good long time.

That is, until last week, when I lost two days of work to an unexpected house project and then got sick (which I still am now.)

I stressed about this, especially as my self-imposed deadline for one post a week passed on Saturday.

Then, I remembered that I need to embrace the fact that life is bigger than I am and will not always meekly comply to the plans I set out for it.

Sometimes, mess is inevitable, and that is okay.

So – I’m taking a break this week. Drinking lots of fluids. Taking a few extra naps on the couch. Crawling up from under the mountain of undone items on my to-do list. Spending some time with family.

And, I think, it will be okay.

See you all next week.


2 thoughts on “And then life…

  1. So you’re a control freak to :-)? I had the same thing: I have a website where I wanted to post three times a week, so I could get as many visitors as soon as possible. I didn’t work. Life indeed sometimes happens.

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